Stephanie Phillips Gros, PE, PTOE

Principal, Transportation Sector Lead

For over 13 years, Ms. Phillips has led a variety of transportation projects from identification, preliminary needs, project feasibility, design, and construction for LADOTD and other agencies. Ms. Phillips is a Louisiana Licensed Professional Engineer and Professional Traffic Operations Engineer. Serving as the lead for more than 80 transportation projects throughout Louisiana, for both the private and public sector, and completing over 60 transportation design projects directly for LADOTD, she has managed all aspects of project delivery, including planning, environmental documentation, funding/grant administration, cost estimation, permitting, and public/stakeholder outreach.

Ms. Phillips and her staff develop and utilize traffic models and conceptual plans to understand the complexity of transportation systems, identify problems and develop efficient solutions to effectively communicate the complexities of transportation systems in a simple manner. These models aid in the development of projects and benefit cost analyses in support of applications for grant funding.