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Disaster Recovery & Advisory

CSRS helps clients rebuild financial and physical resilience against future events and guide them through various federally-funded programs, including FEMA and HUD disaster recovery programs. Our team of architects, engineers, project managers, grant managers, and planners create one collaborative environment that leads to fine-tuned recovery capabilities, invaluable to restoring even the most disaster-affected communities.


With disaster recovery program management experience exceeding $5B, CSRS has succeeded at expediting projects and maximizing disaster funding for our clients while maintaining strict compliance with federal, state and local requirements. Our disaster recovery consultancy focuses on three core objectives: development and implementation of strategies to obtain all eligible funding and deploy it to the most effective recovery uses, evaluation and design of incorporating mitigation into recovery projects, and integration of meticulous oversight and quality control with efficient project delivery.

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Davis-Bacon & Section 3 Compliance
Cost Estimating & Analysis
Damage Assessments
Design and Project Management
Funding Strategy Development
Grant Management
Hazard Mitigation Proposal Development
Program Management

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“I am confident that in the event of the next disaster, we have CSRS under contract to guide us before, during and after.”


Lona Hankins, Former Director of Capital Improvements, Recovery School District

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