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Stormwater Solutions

Understand the risks to develop a solution with implementation in mind.

Our communities are growing more susceptible to flooding every day. The combination of increasing rainfall and extreme weather events, aging infrastructure, and inadequate development regulations has led to nuisance and disastrous flooding in areas that have never experienced it until recently. Fortunately, CSRS provides a suite of services to help clients build resilient communities: stormwater solutions.


To mitigate or reverse increasing flood risks, communities must first understand their current and future risks. CSRS’ stormwater solutions team performs risk assessments for clients using data and modeling to understand current and future risks and their impacts on built and natural environments. Our team is also skilled at assessing current conditions and the useful life of the stormwater infrastructure in communities and providing cost estimates for repair or replacement. Lastly, we can assess development regulations for their ability to help reduce flood risk.


Once we understand why your community is flooding, we can help you develop a set of solutions. CSRS provides planners who take a systems-based approach to flood mitigation – how land use and development codes, infrastructure, natural systems, and more can provide combined risk reduction benefits that are greater than any one part. Our landscape architects and engineers design green and grey infrastructure that fits into the landscape, with future risks in mind. Our water modeling capabilities allow us to test our plans and designs under various conditions to determine which will be most effective.


At the end of the day, stormwater solutions are only successful when mitigation measures are realized, resulting in stronger, smarter communities. Our team knows how to position projects and programs for implementation and then manage them to completion. We do everything with implementation in mind, and we are ready to help you get it done.

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"Throughout all of programs of work, CSRS has displayed a professional and dedicated approach for AEDC. Their work product was outstanding and has received significant recognition from both AEDC and our economic development partners."


Dwight D. Poirrier, Board Member, Ascension Economic Development Corporation

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Mark Goodson

Mark Goodson is CSRS’ Planning & Resilience Practice Lead who oversees a multi-disciplinary team of professionals that advises clients on how to survive, adapt, and thrive during changing conditions. He is particularly skilled at helping clients turn liabilities into assets and maximizing the community benefits produced by capital expenditures and investments. Mr. Goodson and our planning and resilience team members provide technical assistance to commercial and governmental clients across the U.S. to identify risks and vulnerabilities, develop strategic plans and interventions, and design and implement resilience programs, as well as integrate resilience and sustainability into existing capital programs.

Mr. Goodson’s career spans over 15 years, during which time he focused on resilience, urban planning and redevelopment, public finance and budgeting, and program management. Mr. Goodson holds a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture and a Master of Public Administration, both from Louisiana State University.

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