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Civil Engineering

Public Infrastructure

Increased demand for our aging infrastructure puts extreme pressure on our existing highways, bridges, water and wastewater systems, and public utilities. Whether undertaking the hands-on design work or managing the process, our focus is on multi-purpose improvements that deliver the greatest return on your investment. Our solutions emphasize sustainability and support resiliency from roads that accommodate green infrastructure to parks that provide flood storage. CSRS provides leadership and technical assistance, which enables our clients to plan, design, construct and maintain lasting public infrastructures while forming stronger, healthier communities.

Private Development

CSRS creates unique and lasting developments that respect the natural environment while complementing local traditional architecture and climate. From one-acre sites to community developments,  we understand what it takes to implement projects that meet your objectives as an owner while benefitting your community. We bring a multi-disciplinary team of experts to the table to efficiently handle every aspect of your development program, including site selection, political negotiations, community engagement, risk management and final project delivery.

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Land Development
Site Certification
GIS Mapping
Utility Infrastructure
Regional Impact Studies
Design Management

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“CSRS [provided] local professionals who quickly took managerial charge and delivered every program requirement including all transition activities within the period stipulated in the contract. CSRS continues to provide the right staff at the right time to meet all program requirements in an efficient and professional manner.”


Sherri H. LaBas, PE, Secretary, Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development

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Michael B. Songy, PE, PLS

Michael Songy, a founding Principal and CEO at CSRS, has more than 37 years of experience leading and developing the firm’s technical teams to meet its clients’ needs and vision. As CEO, he played an integral part in the strategic restructuring of CSRS into a market sector driven organization to better serve the needs of our clients. Mr. Songy has advanced the implementation of a diversity mentoring initiative throughout the company and is an advocate for the enhancement of civil engineering and technical expertise throughout the CSRS team.

He has undertaken various consulting assignments including transportation planning and management of capital improvement programs such as the East Baton Rouge City-Parish Green Light Plan, feasibility analyses for land development strategies, engineering and stormwater management, and impact assessments for local governing authorities, such as the Regional Impact Study for Southwest Louisiana.

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