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Site Selection

Selecting a site for your project is a decision with a lasting impact on your bottom line.

With our site selection team’s support, you can rest assured your site location decision is the most informed and best positions your project for success. Our site selection services provide a comprehensive analysis of each site considered, eliminate data gaps, normalize the variables, and provide a clear line of sight on the strengths and weaknesses of each site. Site location decisions will impact every aspect of your business, from initial investment to reoccurring logistics costs for inbound and outbound products. The best site selection decisions are made when the decision-maker has information on each key variable, so relative impacts can be carefully quantified and easily compared.


Our site selection services are focused on assisting companies in making the best location decisions when planning investment of new facilities, relocating existing facilities or expanding into new geographical markets. We routinely serve clients in the following industries:

  • Heavy Manufacturing

  • Advanced Manufacturing

  • Refining

  • Chemical and Petrochemicals

  • Plastics

  • Energy (mid-stream and down-stream)

  • Metals

  • Renewable Power (solar, wind, EV)

  • Ecommerce

  • Warehousing

  • Bulk Distribution

  • Data Centers

  • Agribusiness

  • Forest Products


Our Unique Approach to Your Project

Finding the perfect site hinges on understanding the key project success variables and applying the right expertise to locate the site offering the lowest cost of ownership with the highest probability of success. While there are no perfect sites, there are optimal sites: those that yield the lowest overall total cost of ownership over a project’s projected lifespan. There is a myriad of sub-optimal sites that can cost a facility millions of dollars in higher initial capital and ongoing operations and maintenance costs. Our site selection approach starts and ends with you. We partner with you to define your project needs and arm you with site information enabling you to confidently choose the best location possible.


CSRS’ unique engineering and technical-based approach starts with developing a thorough understanding of the client’s needs, then combining the project’s requirements with our technical, engineering, siting, and incentive expertise to identify the best site for a facility. CSRS will pair your unique project needs with compatible sites, a complementary skilled workforce, and an incentive package leveraging your investment, all yielding the lowest long-term operational costs and maximizes your ability to succeed.

Beyond Site Selection

Our site selection expertise was born from our rich history in our core services of project development, design, permitting, and execution. After a site location decision is made, we offer a full suite of services for the end-to-end delivery of your project. As a firm, our services extend into the architectural, engineering, and program management arenas allowing CSRS to assist our clients from project inception/planning to siting and into construction and startup. For over 40 years, our staff has planned, developed, and executed projects of all sizes across a wide range of industries. Today, CSRS employs a staff of over 140 professionals including site selection experts, planners, landscape architects, architects, engineers, program managers, permitting experts, construction managers, and many other skilled experts. Our firm structure allows us to pull from our deep bench of professionals and create highly specialized teams to meet the unique needs of each client and each project.

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Featured Work

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"Throughout all of programs of work, CSRS has displayed a professional and dedicated approach for AEDC. Their work product was outstanding and has received significant recognition from both AEDC and our economic development partners."


Dwight D. Poirrier, Board Member, Ascension Economic Development Corporation

Partner with Us

Let our team of trusted advisors and facilitators help you achieve your goals today and well into the future.

Taylor Gravois, PE, PLS

Taylor Gravois, PE, PLS, PMP is a Principal at CSRS and has over 20 years of experience leading projects in the site selection, site and land development, economic development, and infrastructure industries. He leads the firm’s site selection and economic development advisory practice where he works with corporate decision-makers, local governments, private developers, and economic development organizations in support of site selection, site development, economic development, and infrastructure projects. Mr. Gravois focuses the site selection group’s work on assisting corporations with location decisions for large, complex, capital-intensive projects across a wide range of industries. His expertise includes all areas of site selection including initial site identification, fatal flaw analysis, site due diligence, economic development impact analysis, site/civil layout and design, site entitlement and permitting management, incentive negotiations support, and project and program management.

In addition to corporate site selection, our economic advisory practices concentrate on helping state, regional, and local economic development organizations (EDO’s) prepare for and win economic development driver projects and increase economic competitiveness for their community. Mr. Gravois routinely leads projects and programs for EDO clients including site readiness, development advisory, community and infrastructure planning, and impact analyses.

Beyond site selection, Mr. Gravois draws on his 20 years of experience as a civil engineer and land surveyor in performing site selection, site due diligence, land development, and infrastructure project delivery for both large and small facilities, economic development, and infrastructure projects. He works with local governments, private developers, large corporations, and economic development organizations in support of site selection, site development, economic development, and infrastructure projects. Mr. Gravois possesses an in-depth understanding of the engineering processes associated with site and land development and applies this knowledge to every site selection project endeavor for maximum results.

Mr. Gravois has a broad array of site selection and land development experience ranging from overseeing surveys of raw land, site feasibility studies and due diligence, site layout and detailed design, site entitlements, construction administration, contract closeout, to every phase of site selection and project delivery in between. With significant site development, planning, engineering, permitting, land surveying, and project management experience and expertise, he is uniquely qualified to understand and meet each client’s site selection and economic development needs.

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