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Government Advisory

Unlike the typical A&E approach, CSRS is proactive in interpreting political forces, governmental operations, administrative procedures and governance best practices. We understand how to navigate through legal and bureaucratic roadblocks, complications and unique circumstances. We make it a practice to know the decision-makers and become trusted advisors to them. CSRS has several high-level former state and municipal administrators/department heads who are subject matter experts in their respective fields.


We provide essential advisory support for our clients during evaluations, program execution, and implementation phases while helping to overcome obstacles, maintain focus and keep projects on track. As your liaison between government and the private sector, CSRS gathers the necessary information to support policy and program development by devising solutions to meet present-day challenges and future implementation strategies.

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Project/Program Design, Prioritization & Execution
Political and Social Process Management
Public Financing and Funding Alternatives

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“As Mayor of Lake Charles, developing my community is paramount to my administration. Embarking on this endeavor, I knew I needed a team of experts to help me. After reviewing their proven track record, I made the decision to make CSRS part of this team. CSRS has been by my side with project execution, leading the team to bring several key visions to life.”


Nic Hunter, Mayor of Lake Charles

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