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Communities are constantly changing – shaped by diverse stakeholders and perspectives, regional and global economic forces, environmental conditions, and cultural preferences. They contain our treasured neighborhoods, critical infrastructure, parks and natural resources, nodes of economic activity, and the systems that support the integration and function of these elements.

At CSRS, we help you plan, design, and govern with these communities in mind. Our planning approach is built around active engagement, constant collaboration, encouraging big ideas, and grounded strategies. Our team is constantly assessing the risks and opportunities associated with economic trends, environmental threats, political sensitivities, and social change. We seek to promote the strongest possible planning and development outcomes, cognizant of competing viewpoints, and strive to create more livable, resilient communities equipped with the tools to confront the challenges of the 21st century.

Our Planning and Resilience Practice is working at the forefront of the discipline, from managing the first federally funded climate relocation program in the country to designing statewide programs to support balanced approaches to watershed management. At the same time, our team is adept at managing more conventional planning processes, from community planning to code development.

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“CSRS [is] the right firm for large, comprehensive projects that require dedication to Parish government and the citizens in need of critical, quality-of-life services.”


Jerome Fournier, Director of Planning and Development Ascension Parish

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Mark Goodson

Mark Goodson is CSRS’ Planning & Resilience Practice Lead who oversees a multi-disciplinary team of professionals that advises clients on how to survive, adapt, and thrive during changing conditions. He is particularly skilled at helping clients turn liabilities into assets and maximizing the community benefits produced by capital expenditures and investments. Mr. Goodson and our planning and resilience team members provide technical assistance to commercial and governmental clients across the U.S. to identify risks and vulnerabilities, develop strategic plans and interventions, and design and implement resilience programs, as well as integrate resilience and sustainability into existing capital programs.

Mr. Goodson’s career spans over 15 years, during which time he focused on resilience, urban planning and redevelopment, public finance and budgeting, and program management. Mr. Goodson holds a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture and a Master of Public Administration, both from Louisiana State University.

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