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Elif Acar Chiasson, PE

EVP, Pre-Contract Operations

Elif Chiasson has over 20 years of progressive engineering and management experience. She joined CSRS as Chief Operating Officer in 2013 with the overall responsibility for driving execution and creating best practices for firm’s services. She also oversees day-to-day operations of business units and business management functions such as contracts, legal, risk, IT and marketing.

Under her leadership, the firm developed and implemented a state-of-the-art project controls system that allows project managers optimize financial performance during execution. She is responsible for effective communication of critical financial information in formats that allow management to make effective project related decisions. Ms. Chiasson has achieved several significant accomplishments including development from the ground up project tools such as project status reports, dynamic dashboards, estimate template, and rolling forecast.  She also developed a start-to-finish project tracking methodology that greatly enhances the ability to efficiently monitor the status and financial health of all projects.

Ms. Chiasson is a registered professional engineer with a Masters’ Degree in Civil Engineering from Louisiana State University.

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