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Budgeting for Community Resilience

Budgeting for Community Resilience



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Resilience Advisory Services

City Budgeting Advisory Services

Performance and Accountability Advisory Services

Resilience Advisory Services

In the wake of successive natural disasters, the City of Boulder created the Sustainability and Resilience Framework as well as the Resilience Strategy to position its communities to rebound, positively adapt to, and thrive amidst changing conditions or challenges. In this project, Boulder is seeking to move beyond resilience planning toward the institutionalization of resilience through its city budgeting process. To support budget decision making and service delivery model optimization, CSRS and its partner developed tangible key performance indicators for resilience and sustainability outcomes and evaluation criteria that position the City and local stakeholders to prioritize services and programs in the General Fund while providing guidance on how to replicate the process for other fund and other cities.


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