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DOTD American Recovery & Reinvestment Act Program

DOTD American Recovery & Reinvestment Act Program



Services Provided

Program management

Efficient program management

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (i.e., the Federal Economic Stimulus Bill), provided $430 million in highway funding and $66 million in transit funding for Louisiana. The program consisted of 117 roadway improvement projects, including 63 Federal Aid Projects (FAPs) within the state Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs). As a result, DOTD selected CSRS to provide program assistance and ensure compliance with the federal government’s oversight, transparency, and accountability requirements.

CSRS provided management with real-time financial tracking, audits, analysis, reporting of ARRA funded to DOTD, MPOs, Enhancement, Transit Projects, and all competitive funding allocations. These services included accounting reviews, systems development, compliance reviews, deadline and report monitoring, performance evaluation, and performance measures. The results in the data collection and reporting provided post-audit entities, the federal government, the state, and the public, with useful information on ARRA projects in Louisiana. In addition, the project needed real-time financial analysis and tracking assistance for project managers throughout the state.

The diverse assortment of projects, processes, and stakeholders required CSRS to establish clear lines of authority and responsibility among funding recipients, including agencies, consultants, and contractors. The implementation of a robust, user-friendly, and efficient information management system ensured transparency and accurate real-time reporting per ARRA requirements to interested parties.



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