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Iberia Parish Master Plan

Iberia Parish Master Plan


2000 - 2016

Services Provided

Data Gathering

Public Outreach

Infrastructure and Capital Improvements Planning

Magnitude of Costs Estimating

Community Infrastructure Systems Analysis

Resilience Planning

Planning Administration

Master Plan Production

The Iberia Parish Industrial Development Foundation, the Iberia Parish Government, and the City of New Iberia embarked on a mission to develop an economic forecast and master plan for the parish. The completed master plan contained detailed information about the status of each type of infrastructure in the parish and within the three local communities of Delcambre, Jeanerette, and Loureauville.

CSRS conducted all research and analysis of existing wastewater, drainage, and transportation systems and related environmental factors for the development of future projected improvements and prepared probable estimates of the construction cost for the identified improvements related to the preparation of the infrastructure master plan.

Project Success

In the effort to establish a plan for implementation, CSRS provided professional services relative to the update of the previously prepared Infrastructure Master Plan. CSRS managed the master plan update and the development of planning initiatives, with emphasis on identifying and implementing the initiatives that provided long-term benefits to the Iberia Parish. The initiatives included strategies for increased state and federal funding for transportation, planning guidelines to enhance the aesthetic appearance of new developments, and measures to reduce stormwater runoff impacts.

Project Challenges and Solutions

Stretching limited tax dollars and prioritizing public investment to address legacy needs while spurring economic activity is a challenge every community faces. Our plan provided a clear line of sight on community needs and allowed community leaders to prioritize future projects and investments to address long terms needs while supporting economic growth.


Iberia Parish Industrial Development Foundation

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