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Warehousing and Distribution Facilities Site Selection and Development

Warehousing and Distribution Facilities Site Selection and Development



Services Provided

Site Identification and Site Selection

Site Screening and Desktop Due Diligence

Site Planning and Feasibility Analysis

Detailed Due Diligence

Governmental Advisory

Site Entitlements and Permitting

Final Design

Program and Project Management

Owner Representation

Superior site selection expertise.

The rise of e-commerce and online retailing has led to a modern-day gold rush in the warehousing and distribution space. Our team is routinely sought out for our site selection, site planning and feasibility analysis, site design, permitting, and program and project management capabilities in the warehousing and distribution space.

To date, our firm has participated in the placement, planning, and buildout of over 9 million square feet of warehousing and distribution space valued at over $1 billion in CAPEX. Our experience with warehousing and distribution facilities range from beverage distribution, print media distribution, food processing, bulk warehousing, and distribution, e-commerce, online fulfillment centers, and delivery stations, to industrial warehousing and service centers servicing the petrochemical and refining industry.

CSRS routinely serves as the prime consultant for comprehensive services to clients in the warehousing and distribution space.  Our site selection team is typically first to engage in identifying and matching suitable sites to the client project specifications. Once a final site is selected, we pull from our bench depth of skilled professionals to perform detailed site due diligence, secure project entitlements, secure federal, state, and local permits provide incentive negotiations support, final design, and project and construction management.  Beyond the site itself, our team is also well versed in identifying and negotiating offsite improvements typically associated with some of the larger projects in this industry space.  Our planning and engineering design disciplines are capable of siting and planning the project within the context of the community to be sure the project has a positive impact and improves the quality of all aspects of the community.

The strength of our performance in this industry space is our comprehensive set of services providing end-to-end consulting and a one-stop-shop for clients looking for a singular point of contact throughout the entire site selection, project development, and project delivery process. Site, land development, and construction management are in our firms DNA, and we build a project-specific team for each client to deliver on the unique requirements and challenges of every project.

Projects in this space typically move very fast and speed to market is a top priority.  Our firm is able to create and highly focused project teams providing the full spectrum of services required for the project.  This integration of services provides the client a one-stop-shop for end-to-end consulting and project delivery, minimizing the need for outside consultants and provides for increased schedule and project delivery efficiencies.



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