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Allison Davis invited to join the “Best in Business”

Congratulations to Allison Davis!

The international honor society, Beta Gamma Sigma has invited Allison to join the “Best in Business!” Allison has been recognized as one of the most outstanding scholars at Loyola University New Orleans Chapter. Loyola University has distinguished her as a top business student!

For over a century, Beta Gamma Sigma has identified future business leaders based upon past performance as well as strong indicators of future excellence. Members include top executives at world-leading organizations such as Hewlett-Packard, Bank of America, Ernst & Young, AT&T, Procter & Gamble, and many more.

Membership is restricted to top scholars of the world’s premier business and management programs. Beta Gamma Sigma extends membership only within programs that are accredited by AACSB (The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business). This rigorous 2-part selection process means that Beta Gamma Sigma members are the Best in Business!

Allison will be officially inducted into the Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society in April.

At CSRS she has helped increase funding and manage over $5 billion in recovery funds. Mrs. Davis oversaw operations for the company’s disaster recovery programs for the City of New Orleans, Recovery School District, Orleans Parish School Board, the Regional Transit Authority, St. Bernard Parish, and others. Now a Practice Lead for FEMA Programs, she has led CSRS’ efforts to help five clients establish their recovery programs in response to the August 2016 Baton Rouge area flooding. As CSRS’ resident expert in FEMA Public Assistance Program and Grants Management, and an advocate for local and state entities, Mrs. Davis helps public entities bringing disrupted infrastructure services back on line to harness available federal funding quickly.



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