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CSRS Celebrates Ascension Parish's $2.3 Million Grant for Economic Development

Exciting news is on the horizon for Ascension Parish as it secures a game-changing $2.3 million grant from the U.S. Department of Commerce's Economic Development Administration (EDA)! This significant grant will drive crucial infrastructure enhancements at the RiverPlex MegaPark in Donaldsonville, Louisiana, fostering clean energy business growth and bolstering the local economy. As proud partners in Ascension Parish's development journey, CSRS is thrilled to announce this milestone achievement.

CSRS' Role in Ascension Parish's Development

For the past decade, CSRS has been deeply invested in the development of Ascension Parish, serving as the prime consultant for strategic site development programs. Our dedicated team has played a pivotal role in identifying, qualifying, and preparing sites for further development. Leveraging advanced GIS technology, we meticulously assessed over 86 large industrial sites and 90 smaller sites, ensuring they met stringent criteria for development readiness. Our efforts have resulted in the certification of nine sites, with detailed due diligence completed.


One of our partnership's standout achievements is the creation of the West Bank Industrial Overlay District (WBIO), encompassing 17,000 acres of prime industrial land. Through meticulous planning and extensive stakeholder engagement, we facilitated the assembly of this expansive tract. The RiverPlex MegaPark is poised to attract manufacturing users and pave the way for future economic growth and prosperity.


In addition to our site development efforts, CSRS took the lead in preparing the application for the EDA grant, a crucial step in securing funding for the RiverPlex MegaPark's infrastructure enhancements.


Read More About Our Project:

Visit our project page here for a more detailed overview of CSRS' role in Ascension Parish's development.


Congratulations to Ascension Parish:

CSRS extends heartfelt congratulations to Ascension Parish on this remarkable accomplishment! We applaud your dedication and vision in driving economic growth and sustainability in the region. Together, we are shaping a brighter future for Ascension Parish and beyond.



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