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Burt Perkins Awarded Raising Cane's Gold Standard

Congratulations to Burt Perkins, one of our Raising Cane's Project Managers, who was recognized at Raising Cane’s Annual Summit for achieving the Gold Standard. The Raising Cane’s Gold Standard Award recognizes the overall team performance that aligns with Cane’s “Gold Standard” for New Restaurant Opening Delivery Excellence. Burt was called up to the stage and honored in front of all the attendees. This year was their largest turnout ever, which was approximately 200 people from all over the country, including franchisees.

The Gold Standard was the top award given this year. This distinction includes recognition of assistance from team players in all aspects of our program, such as civil, landscaping, construction, and signage. However, Burt played the key role in coordinating the team. Cane's specifically recognized him for his exceptional work on a store he delivered, which had amazing challenges. Burt managed it beautifully and flawlessly.

“He was consistently communicative and proactive, not stopping until we had a solution or at least a solid update with some unique and challenging situations. He kept me always in the loop and even when things weren’t going as planned, he assured me we would get it done and laid out how we would do that.” – Kristen Roberts | Property Development Manager, Fry Cook & Cashier | Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers

Burt Perkins, and the CSRS team continue to provide high-quality, client-focused project management for Cane's by keeping successful achievement and their goals in mind.



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