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Elif Acar-Chiasson, P.E. to Be Inducted Into LSU Civil and Environmental Engineering Hall of Distinc

It is our pleasure to deliver the news of Elif Acar Chiasson, P.E.'s induction into the LSU Civil and Environmental Engineering Hall of Distinction. The honor spotlights Elif's contributions to the engineering profession with distinction and being an outstanding role model for LSU civil and environmental engineering students.

Elif Acar-Chiasson is a registered professional engineer with over 30 years of progressive engineering, management, and leadership experience in complex civil, geotechnical, and geo-environmental projects. As an engineer, she has designed and led projects in various industries spanning from energy & chemicals to power generation, heavy manufacturing, multi-modal transportation, and defense. The depth of her technical and project delivery expertise, her experience in operations, and her passion for talent development gives her the unique ability to respond to multiple stakeholder interests and needs.



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