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Ammonia Manufacturing Facility Site Selection

Ammonia Manufacturing Facility Site Selection



Services Provided

Site Selection and Site Identification

Site Screening and Feasibility Analysis

Site Due Diligence

Site Entitlements and Permitting

Program and Project Management

CSRS was hired to lead the site selection efforts for a new greenfield ammonia manufacturing facility for an international company.

CSRS was responsible for leading the site selection and permitting efforts.  In collaboration with the client, our team worked to develop project-specific site selection criteria that would serve as the minimum benchmark for initial site identification.  Site attributes including access to feedstock, deep draft dock for ocean-going vessels, and rail service were defined as key success variables and drove the site selection process.  Our site selection team quickly filtered through the sites meeting the criteria and quickly narrowed the focus based on the availability of deep draft dock access and rail access.  Our team immediately engaged the jurisdictional authorities to secure approvals required for deep draft dock construction and rail service to the site.  With key infrastructure approvals in hand, our team went to work completing comprehensive due diligence for the site.

CSRS led a team comprised of internal site selection personnel, in addition to management and coordination of subcontractors for on-the-ground due diligence (Environmental Studies, Geotechnical Investigations, Wetland Delineations, etc.)

Project Success

Through years of experience working in site selection along the Gulf Coast, CSRS has advanced knowledge of sites suitable for the new construction of deep draft docks for ocean-going vessels. With this primary requirement driving the site selection effort, our team was able to lock in a handful of sites for consideration from our internal database of sites. Our engineering team immediately engaged the local jurisdictional authorities to secure approval for the construction of the deep-draft dock.

Project Challenges and Solutions

A site suitable to construct a new deep-draft dock with rail access and access to an ammonia pipeline was absolutely critical for this site. Finding sites with a convergence of these variables narrowed the site search to a handful of sites.  In addition, the client planned to ship in pre-fabricated units weighing in excess of 1,500 tons. Pre-fabricated modules will be transloaded from ocean-going vessels to the site for final installation. Our team successfully identified sites meeting all of the client’s required specifications and additional contingent requirements which positioned the project for maximum success.



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