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Enterprise Holdings Comprehensive Site Civil and Landscape Services

Enterprise Holdings Comprehensive Site Civil and Landscape Services



Services Provided

Master Plan Development

Civil Engineering & Surveying

Project Management

Construction Management

Civil Engineering & Surveying

Enterprise Holdings acquired a new area of land on Siegen Lane in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. CSRS was hired to help with Enterprise Holdings’ new development. The client requested 6,000 square feet of office/leasing space and around 300 parking stalls. The plan proposed a new driveway tie-in onto Siegen Lane. CSRS provided the design and construction services. The scope of work included overall site design and civil construction design, a stormwater management plan, stormwater pollution plan, permitting assistance, and basic construction administration.

CSRS was responsible for planning the following: geometric control plan, grading and drainage plan, fill mitigation plan, paving and joint layout plan, utility plan, erosion control plan, construction details, landscape plan, and irrigation plan and details. CSRS planned a stormwater quality/drainage impact/stormwater management plan required by the Baton Rouge UDC.


Enterprise Holdings

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