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Honeywell Topo & Survey Supplements

Honeywell Topo & Survey Supplements



Services Provided

Control Surveying

24-hour Monitoring

Water run‐off from heavy rains caused severe flooding outside the Honeywell plant boundary. The existing site drainage system was overwhelmed due to limited storage capacity for process wastewater that must be treated before it can be released through the state permitted Outfalls 001 and 003. Stormwater run-off from the site is also released through state-permitted Outfall 004, which discharges to Capitol Lake. A topographic and underground utility survey of the 32-acre property was required to verify the existing site drainage capabilities.

CSRS was responsible for performing topographic and underground utility surveys. In addition to providing coordinates as referenced to LA State Plane Coordinate System (NAD 83) and elevations referenced to NAVD 88 using the latest approved Geoid Model4, meeting with Honeywell personnel to discuss findings (assume two on-site meetings), developing electronic survey data files for topographic and underground surveys, as well as a site safety plan for any employees who will be conducting on-site survey work, and obtaining required permits daily to authorize on-site work.

CSRS managed a team of six internal personnel, in addition to four from each subcontractor (Land Source, Inc and T2 Utility Engineers).

Project Success

CSRS was able to successfully identify and locate 100% of the underground piping network.

Project Challenges and Solutions

Using ground-penetrating radar to mark and map the network, CSRS was able to create a deliverable to explain and show where the pipes were located without being able to physically see or touch the network.


Honeywell International Inc.

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