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Port Wonder Development Program Management

Port Wonder Development Program Management


2019 - Present

Services Provided

Project Management

Civil Engineering

Schematic Site Design

Traffic Impact Study

Boundary Survey

Geotechnical Investigation

Phase I ESA

Community Engagement

Funding sourcing (P3)

Here to help with economic development for our state.

Port Wonder, LLC is moving forward with implementing the previously solicited and executed design for the Port Wonder mixed-use development within the City of Lake Charles. The building’s design will develop through coordination between the Port Wonder, LLC team, the City of Lake Charles, the Children’s Museum of Lake Charles, the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, and primary donors. CSRS was selected as the Program Manager for this multi-use facility created to promote economic development and provide aesthetically pleasing cultural and educational activities for residents and visitors to enjoy.


CSRS is assisting Port Wonder, LLC with design and construction project management. CSRS program management includes, but is not limited to, design, schedule, budget, construction management, construction progress, change order oversight and funding oversight throughout the project lifecycle.


Providing tools for the ownership team to utilize such as an online project dashboard, project execution plan, and maintaining a feasible budget and schedule will provide the best possible opportunity for success and risk mitigation. Improvements to the boardwalk along the waterfront, a new restaurant, and renovations to the adjacent parking garage are all occurring adjacent to the Port Wonder site. Clear communication with the external design teams will ensure a cohesive development for the public to enjoy and construction conflicts are mitigated.


Due to the complex nature of the funding restrictions and the ownership structure, design and change order approvals require levels of approvals. Our contracting coordination is helping to ensure a streamlined approval process. Due to flood plain requirements, the site construction requires an above-average amount of site fill. Our use of 3D site modeling and experience has kept the complications derived from code-compliance mitigated.


Provident Group - Port Wonder LLC

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