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River District Development

River District Development


2018 - 2019

Services Provided

Re-creation, revision, and submittal management of a revised Concept Master Plan

Revision and submittal of a Final Development Plan

A 42-acre Mixed-Use Development along the Mississippi River, south of Downtown Baton Rouge, was acquired by Goldman Sachs through a bankruptcy auction. Due to Baton Rouge zoning codes, the site’s concept plan was set to expire. If expired, the value of the land would decrease significantly. Through Hunton Kurth, LLP, Goldman Sachs hired CSRS to prepare a revised concept plan to delay the zoning regulations from expiring. 

The initial submittal allowed for an extension of one year before expiration. After this extension expired, Goldman Sachs asked the CSRS team to prepare and submit a final development plan. This submittal and its resulting approval allow an additional four years before the site’s zoning expires. Thus, buying Goldman Sachs extra time to sell the property to a proper Developer.


Goldman Sachs through Hunton Kurth, LLP

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