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Southeast US Wind Farm Project

Southeast US Wind Farm Project



Services Provided

Land acquisitions

General permitting

Site development

Wetlands investigation


Due diligence

CSRS was engaged as part of the project team to help develop one of the first utility-scale wind farms in the Southeast United States.

The scope of work requires general project development consulting in addition to our civil, survey and environmental practices. This project will likely pave the way for additional wind development projects in this geographic area.

Given the agricultural land use and poor soils, this project required a great deal of coordination between various disciplines to overcome challenges not often found with wind projects in the US.

CSRS is responsible for initial site evaluation, wetland delineation and permitting, survey, civil site design, project cost estimating, scheduling, and coordination of all project disciplines. CSRS participated in several siting exercises to optimally locate wind turbine generators. We work closely with the developer in identifying obstacles and developing solutions that allow this unique project to move forward in a cost-competitive manner.

Project Success

Desktop due diligence and site screening allowed for early identification of wetland areas allowed us to design around wetlands and minimize our impacts to less than 0.5 acres, greatly expediting the permitting timeline. Simultaneously, our use of GIS and drone technologies has allowed us to make economical design decisions and provides a real-time decision support system for our client to use as we model the trade-offs between additional land leases and wind resource optimization.

Project Challenges and Solutions

This project is located in a fairly remote geographic area. The landowners and government officials in the area were unfamiliar with wind energy development. The project team spent significant time ensuring that all officials developed an understanding of the project, the economic impact on the area, and the overall benefits the project provides. Ultimately, the project team has been able to obtain support from both landowners and local officials that is critical to the viability of the project.

“CSRS excels at communications and agility. They quickly right size work product to fit my needs. Sometimes that means a lot more work, sometimes it means less work, every time it is great work.”

– Client Confidential



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