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Specialty Polymers Manufacturing Facility Site Selection

Specialty Polymers Manufacturing Facility Site Selection



Services Provided

Site Identification and Site Selection

Site Screening and Feasibility Analysis

Site Desktop and Detailed Due Diligence

Due Diligence Program Management

Land Planning and Optimization

Site Development Proforma

CSRS was hired to lead the site selection efforts for a new greenfield specialty polymers manufacturing facility for an international company. The planned facility will produce specialty polymers for a wide range of consumer products in the United States market. The multi-year, multi-phase phase project CAPEX is in excess of $1 Billion.

CSRS was responsible for leading the site selection efforts. In collaboration with the client, our team worked to develop project-specific site selection criteria that would serve as the minimum benchmark for initial site identification. Site attributes including access to feedstock, low-cost energy, and rail service were defined as key success variables and drove the site selection process. Our site selection team presented a palette of sites to the client for initial consideration and quickly narrowed the focus based on the key success variables. Once the finalist sites were identified, our team went to work compiling due diligence for each site. Entitlements, utility extension costs and usage rates, site development costs, and permitting considerations we researched and determined for each site. With comprehensive due diligence complete, our team prepared a site development proforma and utility usage proforma to provide a side-by-side comparison of the true cost of ownership for each finalist site over the planned lifespan of the project.

CSRS led a team comprised of internal site selection experts, in addition to management and coordination of subcontractors for on-the-ground due diligence (Geotechnical Investigations, Site Development, etc.).

Project Success

CSRS was able to identify and quantify key project success variables for the finalist sites and represent the total development and operational costs in a proforma for each site.  Our site development and operational cost presentation enabled the client to make a well-informed decision with little to no site development and operational cost data gaps.

Project Challenges and Solutions

The key variables required for project success were wide-ranging.  Finding sites with a convergence of key variables narrowed the site search to two locales.  Even as the final sites were selected, we understood each site had dramatically different infrastructure needs and operational costs making the true cost of ownership difficult to determine. Our team successfully completed the necessary due diligence to quantify the key costs for each site. Once the variables were normalized, the client had clear visibility on the true cost of ownership for each site enabling an informed location decision for the project.



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