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CSRS Participates in COMTO Conference; Set to Assemble Louisiana Chapter

Ken Romero, Vice President of Environmental Services
Stephanie Phillips Gros, PE, PTOE (Principal & Transportation Practice Lead) and Jamal Smiles (Civil Engineer Intern)

Principal & Transportation Practice Lead Stephanie Phillips Gros, PE, PTOE, and Civil Engineer Intern Jamal Smiles participated in COMTO's 51st National Training and Meeting held in Fort Lauderdale, FL. As the Private Sector Sponsor of the COMTO (The Conference of Minority Transportation Officials) Louisiana Chapter, CSRS will fully support the leading national advocate for employment diversity, inclusion, and contracting opportunities in the multi-modal, multi-billion-dollar transportation industry. Furthermore, the chapter aims to eliminate barriers to maximum participation for minority individuals, veterans, people with disabilities, and certified MWDBE businesses through leadership training, professional development, scholarship and internship funding, political advocacy, partnership building, and networking opportunities.

"The mission and purpose of the COMTO Louisiana chapter is to assist in the professional advancement of minorities in the field of transportation at every level of experience from every corner of the state of Louisiana," explains COMTO Louisiana First Vice President Jamal Smiles.

To learn more about COMTO, visit

About CSRS

For over 40 years, CSRS has leveraged our innovation and leadership expertise to help plan, design, fund, and implement sustainable projects, recover from disaster with more resilience, and navigate political bureaucracy. With a culture of creative thinking and a background in engineering and architecture, CSRS provides a balance between big ideas and the technical ability to deliver a successful project every time, no matter how large, complex, or challenging.

CSRS offers a full range of environmental analysis, planning, permitting, and compliance services to lead our clients through the complicated web of government regulatory requirements. Through partnerships with public and private developers, we reduce risks and liabilities while creating economic value and a market advantage for our clients.

Our team's resumé of experienced floodplain managers, NEPA specialists, environmental scientists, GIS specialists, and permitting experts includes over 35 years of direct government service, enabling them to translate complex bureaucracies and expeditiously clear the way for construction. Cultivating a long history of successful partnerships, CSRS can deploy the right resources at the right time.

CSRS is committed to building stronger, smarter communities so clients can achieve project goals today while improving our communities' social and economic fabric along the way and well into the future. For more information, visit



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