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Student Housing Business Magazine features LSU Nicholson Gateway

Student Housing Business interviewed LSU's Patrick Martin, Assistant Vice Principal for Real Estate, Public-Private Partnerships and Compliance at Louisiana State University, on the major public-private partnership. He explains how the B&D/CSRS joint-venture team has exceeded in helping LSU change the face of student housing on campus.

READ MORE of Martin's take on the entire project, the future of LSU housing, and a hint at B&D/CSRS' upcoming project, the Greenhouse District.

"Between the work of B&D/CSRS on the business side, and the work of Becker & Poliakoff and Adams & Reese on the legal side, we were able to establish a very comprehensive, thorough selection process that significantly reduced risks not just to LSU and the foundation, but also to the vendors interested in pursuing being master developer."

-Patrick Martin

More about LSU Nicholson Gateway.



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